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rimowa opens its largest customer experience center in beijing

23rd september, 2014, rimowa, one of the world’s most venerable luggage makers, opened its largest customer experience center on huamao shopping street, beijing. the grand opening marked an important milestone in the company’s successin the chinese market, and was celebrated together with rimowa executives, business partners, fans and users. rimowa celebrity fans carina lau, hu jun, jessey meng and nic li, as well as major global and local media were also invited to join the grand occasion.


it was dusk in fall. the grand ceremony began with traditional chinese arrangement for prosperity in all directions: the rimowa logo was projected by laser onto the wall of ritz-carlton hotel facing northeast, and a giant barco screen facing southeast gave live broadcast of the exciting occasion to match the static logo with dynamic video.     


but rimowa’s dedication was better reflected in the details. the fragrant champagne, the customized cocktails, the delicacies, the jazz, the retro style models, tailor-made rimowa wristbands and electronic drum performance– all testified to rimowa’s commitment to a unique, unparalleled ceremonial and its pursuit for a perfect alignment of “made in germany” with “chinese culture”.   


limbo and salsa, which are a west indian dance and a latin american dance respectively, as well as the names for two popular rimowa product lines, were seamlessly choreographed into the opening dance, which was further enriched with the hot samba, the even hotter flamenco, and the more relaxed modern dance and traditional chinese dance. the audiences were brought to their first climax when a marvelous dance show was performed by you you and xu qian, a dance group of the top three performers on so you think you can dance china.    


mr. dieter morszeck, rimowa’s ceo andpresident, mr. stefan nork, rimowa international sales manager, charles yong, general manager of rimowa far east limited, and raymond guo, ceo of bcdt, rimowa’s china sole distributor, were present at the ceremony. mr. dieter morszeck and raymond guo, ceo of bcdt, rimowa’s china sole distributor, deliver a speech to celebrate the grand opening of huamao customer experience center. meanwhile, as loyal rimowa fans, carina lau, hu jun, two famous movie stars, jessey meng, popular actress, model and host, and nic li, a popular host in mainland china, shared their rimowa stories with the audiences.


rimowa is a german brand since 1898. its characteristic groove structure of suitcase shell makes rimowa an unmistakably recognizable brand even without a visible logo. the spirit of this unique elegance was lent to the beautiful design of rimowa factory in cologne, and of course, the new customer experience center here in beijing. after delivering brief and inspiring opening remarks, mr. dieter morszeck, and raymond guo, rimowa’s china sole distributor, launched the new and largest user experience center together with carina lau and hu jun. thus, huamao, beijing became the newest star of rimowa




about rimowa customer experience center huamao, beijing

the new customer experience center on huamao shopping street, beijing is doubtless a key milestone of rimowa. 15m in height, the building spans 18m and covers a total area of 660.51m2. inspired by rimowa’s classic aluminum suitcase, the building was designed by the brand’s dedicated german architect and covered with rimowa’s characteristic groove structure – so that you can easily distinguish it from afar. it is a perfect rendering of the classic rimowa best expressed in its ad words: the original luggage with the grooves. 


as the world’s largest rimowa customer experience center, rimowa huamao, beijing follows the concise and comfortable way. a huge, two-floor glass wall gives a full view of the store to visitors coming in through the front gate. while the first floor exhibits rimowa’s light, high-tech polycarbonate suitcases and the latest designs, the vip zone on the second floor appeals to loyal rimowa users who are fond of its classic aluminum luggages. the first floor is white colored to highlight the suitcases themselves, while the second floor adopts an overwhelming orange instead of rimowa’s traditional white-blue color plan to add more vigor to the german brand. 


about rimowa

rimowa is one of the leading premium brands worldwide for cases made from aluminum and the high-tech material polycarbonate, and is one of the few manufacturers of travel luggage still producing in germany. it is fair to say that rimowa is probably the only manufacturer with a history stretching back over more than 115 years with a distinctive, deep-rooted tradition – an exceptional position in the industry. to rimowa, ‘made in germany’ and ‘german engineering’ are synonymous with outstanding materials, brilliant technology and extraordinary product design, crafted to the highest possible quality. for decades now, the identifying feature of the collections, which are continually optimised, has been the elegant and unmistakable groove structure of the case shells. the traditional company is based in cologne and sells its products in over 65 countries worldwide through selected dealers and its own stores, the number of which is being continuously expanded across the globe.

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