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bcdt official announcement | welcome new member — steiff, germany

 "if there is only one teddy bear in the world

that must be steiff in germany "


almost every child used to have a teddy bear in their childhood. he listens to all your little secrets and understands all your joys and sorrows. he is your most loyal friend and like a little warrior, holding the sword at your bedside to help you fight scared devil in your dreams, he grows with you, and will always be the softest being in your heart.




in fact, for many people, teddy bears have existed for more than just a playing doll.
it is more like a spiritual sustenance, carrying bits and pieces of those sincere emotions.
in european and american families, teddy bears are even passed on from generation to generation.


for teddy bears, you have to mention its background
in 1902, us president roosevelt came to the forests of mississippi to hunting.
unfortunately there was nothing reward for all day, then roosevelt assistant secretly put a little black bear on a tree to let the president hunt.
but the president found out and flatly rejected hunting, roosevelt calling it

" against the spirit of hunting."


published on washington post comicteddy’s bear


it was quickly spread.
a political cartoonist quickly published a comic named
teddy bear,
it was subsequently reported by the
washington postas a front page comic, and get a great response in the society at that time.
the “teddy bear” name came from this time.


among many teddy bear toys manufacturers,
germany brand steiff because of the doll's soft wool, comfortable touch, and the vivid image.
soon stands out quickly among all brands and is well known for public

the founder, margarete steiff, built a huge toy empire, is even more legendary.



margarete steiff was born in giengn, germany in 1847.although she diagnose polio-bound when she was 2 years old and started her wheelchair life. however, margarete steiff was not depressed; she was able to manage her company in a creative and forward-looking way.the steiff company has been manufacturing plush toys since 1880, and its first toy was a little elephant.unlike today, “bear” dolls were unpopular at the time, margarete steiff was inspired by her nephew richard steiff to start making teddy bears.


in 1902, richard steiff designed the world's first mobile limbs toy teddy bear, with 3,000 sales at the leipziger modell-hobby-spiel in the following year.


today, steiff has become the most successful and well-known toy brand in the world.
it not only carry the fond memories of countless children all over the world,
but also become the various stars and brands
cooperation icon.
steiff as the most collectible teddy bear brand,
some of the rare classics also made records at auction.


supreme and steiff super-strong cooperation make this bear “hard to find” in all around the world and have a strong pursuit for fashion icon.



steiff and louis vuitton cooperation,
auctioned in morocco for up to 213,720 euros (about 1.6 million rmb),
become the most expensive and most collectible teddy bear in the world.


in 1904, in order to avoid plagiarism and imitation, franz steiff designed the [golden earrings] button for the steiff brand as a unique mark of the steiff family ancestry. since then, the "steiff button in ear" has become well-known unique global trademark. for more than a century, it has always represented high quality, novel and unique creativity, and entrepreneurship.


every toy of steiff, from the inside to the outside, only select the highest quality materials, whether it is needlework, buttons, fillers, or eyes, accessories, and even "toy’s coats" and "toy’s wool.these details are almost meticulously processed. thus, steiff has a delicate and distinctive feature, each gold earring is a status symbol, representing that they come from the best steiff family, and passedsteiff's high standard quality inspection.


classic collection
these world-renowned steiff of "gold earrings" collection products all bear eye-catching earmarks on yellow label.
every genuine steiff doll will have the steiff "gold earrings" trademark, indicating that it is a member of the best teddy bear family.for the classic collection choose the soft touch material.and fluffy soft plush is prepared for steiff fans of different ages.at the same time, many classic products are made from alpaca or mohair.


limited collection
we are very glad to wear steiff a special ear tag with a red letter on a white background, which means that they are produced in limited quantities and some are only available in certain countries.
each limited collection of steiff with white ear tags and gold-plated "gold ear buckles" will be accompanied by a certificate for authenticity.


black label collection
black label are unique and extraordinary, because these original design dolls are inspires from the character models in the steiff family.
all steiff balck label dolls have black ear tags on white background to indicate their special identity and the year of manufacture of the "golden ear" prototype.through this obvious difference, friends who love steiff and dolls will know that this is a limited of steiff with extraordinary origins and historical significance.



steiff that has been well-known for 140 years and officially joined the bcdt family now!

we will go hand with everyone in the future,
bringing a better brand experiences and services to bcdt consumers


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