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bcdt team visited the century old brand - steiff headquarters in germany

in the german town of giengn, the peaceful brenz river flows slowly. most of the children grew up with teddy bears, because this is the home for the most prominent teddy bear brand- steiff. bcdt team was invited in november by the steiff brand and had the pleasure to come here for a 4-day visit and study.

steiff was established in 1880, which is one of the world's most collectible teddy bear brands. the founder, ms. margarete steiff, a wonderful woman with a legendary experience, uses her unique personality charm and forward-looking innovative ideas. develop steiff into a world-famous brand, and bring thousands of children to a warm and happiness childhood. even when they grow up, they can still regain their memories from steiff. during this trip, bcdt team had the honor to visit margarete steiff's former residence in giengn.

steiff teddy bear museum located in the small town, made the team members immerse themselves in a fairy tale dream. they went across the ocean floor and poles with the little girl frieda and the bear knop to find the missing 3,000 teddy bears.

in the museum, bcdt team has witnessed how a lovely toy that can only be sculpted is born through a complex process. because the phrase "for our children, only the best is good enough" steiff persisted for a hundred years and believe the things for children must be the best. the "best" for ms. margarete steiff means carefully selected for raw materials as well as the temperature in the hands of the artisans when making toys. even if more than a century has passed, steiff's artisans have always insisted on hand-made, and it is precisely because of this insistence and dedication to superb craftsmanship and perfect materials, steiff has always been the dream toy of children.

during this visit, we benefited a lot and felt the heritage of culture, marveled at the insistence on craftsmanship, admired the perfect dedication, explored the richness and diversity of the market, and made us look forward for the steiff coming to china, coming to bcdt!

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