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rimowa was awarded the most popular travel suitcase of 2013 by voyage

on march 6th, 2014, the 10th anniversary of voyage-2013 annual travel brand awards ceremony was brightly held in shanghai. the miss world zhang zilin, the famous movie star tang yan and other celebrities attended this event. rimowa was awarded the annual best fashion travel brand and the most popular travel suitcase following the majority expectation. over the past year, rimowa brought us not only the perfect shopping experience, friendly after-sale services, high quality fashion and practical products, but also the prospective exploration in this industry. the airbus cooperated with rimowa to develop the bag2go intelligent travel case will be the future development direction. rimowa definitely deserve that award. 

the “voyage” annual travel brand festival is the earliest representative poll event of travel industry initiated in china in terms of the widest evaluated, the most professional and the most concerned. the senior editors team of “voyage” gathered many medias to select, plus voting online and expertise nomination within the industry as well as personal experiences by veteran tourists and business travellers, all of which integrated the authorized travel list of 2013. it is organized and evaluated with media professional and prudent attitude, and through independent, impartial and frank reports and promotion among the associated media. it advocates the brand strengh with modern spirits that is playing its power or generate influence soon in this time period.

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