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faber-castell launches: faber-castell & dunhuang museum join forces to help creativity

dunhuang, as the cultural and artistic palace of china, is a mysterious place that countless people yearn for.

there are solemn and solemn grotto sculptures, light and smart flying fairies, mysterious and interesting stories and legends, and the most amazing thing is the colorful murals.

the color beauty of the murals has lasted for thousands of years, and it is still elegant and beautiful. moreover, because of the baptism and precipitation of the years, the heavy historical feeling gives the dunhuang mural art a unique charm.  

the beauty of dunhuang not only fascinates people, but also finds countless creative inspirations.

faber-castell, germany, who loves art, has been unremittingly creating better tools for artistic creation for 259 years since its birth.

in september of this year, faber-castell took the 20th anniversary of its entry into china as an opportunity and joined hands with dunhuang museum to bring a series of commemorative suits with the theme of "creative hundred years and repainting brilliance". it is willing to serve every creator who loves art and life , provide better tools, stimulate more creativity and inspiration, inherit and revive traditional culture, and promote the development of artistic innovation.

first, the packaging is beautiful, and the value of the fairy.     

the illustrations on the gift box selected the most classic and precious paintings from more than 3,000 dunhuang frescos, and were created again with faber-castell german quality painting materials. from composition design to color matching to craft presentation, the illustrations on the gift box perfectly restore the charm and details of dunhuang murals, creatively reproducing the beauty of dunhuang art and culture.


the imposing nine-color deer king is vivid, robust and beautiful; zhang qian's determination when he went to the western regions to pay his respects to the emperor of the han dynasty was determined, tragic and magnificent; emperor wu of the han dynasty reproduced the power and pride of the han's defeat of the huns; each gift illustration has they are beautiful crafts, and they are all worth collecting.

second, the color is fresh and ingenious.

the colors of dunhuang frescoes are mostly drawn from natural mineral plants, such as gorgeous cinnabar, thick ochre, elegant shiqing, bright gamboge. through the difference of depth, light and shade, density and lightness, the creators make mural works present rich and varied colors. this superb technology can be reproduced by ordinary people with the help of faber color lead.

the fine texture and rich color of faber jiacai lead can help the creator to present a rich sense of hierarchy and meet the needs of special color presentation.

color has a life cycle. the damage caused by water and light to colors makes creators regret the most. faber-castell’s original color locking technology for this, the artist-grade color lead not only has strong water resistance and anti-blooming effects, but also has excellent light resistance, making the paintings bright and colorless for 100 years.

third,high-end quality, creative enjoyment.

as the world's leading manufacturer of painting and writing instruments, faber-castell has inspired countless artists with outstanding products. world-renowned artists such as van gogh, karl lagerfeld, edward munch, etc. are all faber-castell a big fan of the brand.

whether it’s the outline of the lines, the depiction of details, or the requirements for a sense of hierarchy, faber-castell’s "repainting brilliant" series of pens can meet the demanding requirements of the artist’s level, and a comfortable and smooth brush experience allows creators enjoy the joy of artistic creation.

art is universal, beautiful and healing.
let us use the power of faber-castell to talk to time and communicate with paintbrushes.in the pursuit of dunhuang culture, let us walk through the dusty time together and reproduce the magnificence of art.

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