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children's life finally has a high-end brand ray&co. landing in chengdu ifs brings an upgraded new experience

consumption upgrade is a process of change for other products, but for children's products, safety, health, and experience are the basic thresholds. 

we always hope for the best things for children.after being monopolized by international brands, ray&co., a children's brand collection store, finally landed in the southwest market, bringing first-line learning and daily necessities synchronized with germany and europe, providing more families with new and authentic imported options.ray & co. made its debut in chengdu on february 10.after beijing, shanghai, guangzhou and chongqing, ray & co. once again appears in front of you with a brand new face.

the most complete product series and better service quality.


little ray will take you across and enter a world wrapped in colorful balloons and beautiful flowers. cute and delicious desserts are waiting for you. the comfortable environment allows you to feel the warmth of home.

exclusive surprise lucky bag.

at the same time, from now until the spring festival on march 18th, ray&co. also specially prepared a healthy new year lucky bag for everyone. anyone who purchases a new year lucky bag (including mcneill large school bag and internal kit) can get a fun and practical step by step small bag for free.

the funny shape, lightweight and compact figure, and high-value patterns can hold various matching styles, so that children can't put it down. taking it out will make the child the focus of the world in a second.

enter the store to enjoy interaction

all the children who enter the store can receive the childlike red envelopes for free, doodle the handbags for free, create unique colors for the family, and finally can bring this special handbag home~

the opening this time is a collection of ray&co.’s "stars", colorful school supplies, and stationery with a strong sense of design.

the german "transformed" desk moll has a history of nearly a hundred years. it has the function of adjusting the height and the tilt angle of the desktop. it is suitable for children of various body types. the combination of european minimalist design style and german precision craftsmanship makes moll a global the only children's table and chair manufacturer to win the red dot design award. with the company of moll, children can stay away from myopia and hump~

growing up happily is the goal of ray&co. the children’s campus life is a bit monotonous. in order to bring them excitement beyond books, little ray invites children from chengdu to come to the store and enjoy the special canvas bags, waiting for you to pick up the paintbrush. recklessly sway colorful colors.

faber-castell paint brushes come from the world's oldest writing instrument manufacturer. they are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and comply with en 71-3 toy manufacturing standards, allowing children to healthyly experience the fun of color and freedom, and release endless imagination. with faber-castell's company, the children's life will be more colorful.

health and safety are the keynote of ray&co.

"personal bodyguard" for children to go to school-mcneill is the only children's schoolbag in the world that is completely designed and produced by germany, selected by germany, by german technology, and by german product quality supervision. its ergonomically designed back cushion protects the baby's spine in all aspects. the double reflective strips on both sides of the schoolbag ensure the absolute safety of children walking at night, and the super-designed patterns make children love it.

there are more high-value styles waiting for you in the store~

health and warmth are the melody of ray&co.

falke children's socks is a german professional socks brand that spans three centuries and has a history of more than 120 years. from the weaving of the yarn to the final packaging, we always adhere to the one-stop craft that has been passed down for a century, and the meticulous skin-fitting experience makes children feel more comfortable.

learning and having fun is the purpose of ray&co.

step by step children's schoolbag, subvert your boring daily life with the cute style of q. it is such a brand that combines light luxury and maternal care that has won the love of many parents and children.

on the opening day, soft and fat rabbit sauce will also appear in the store

guess what magic it will turn into? children are welcome to come to the store to announce the answer when they arrive~

shop address: lg215a, 2nd floor, ifs, chengdu

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