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with childlike care, ray & co. helps left behind children in rural areas to enjoy the fragrance of books

a book is a transmission of love. on december 14, 2018, the press conference of ray&co., a collection of high-end lifestyle brands under bingchen technology, was successfully held in beijing blue harbor. one of the special links attracted attention from all parties.on the day of the press conference, the charity donation activity "children's care · sharing the love of books" initiated by ray&co.for a long time, ray&co. not only pays attention to the learning and play, safety and freedom of chinese children, but also keeps in mind health, education and development.the donation of love through the delivery of books can not only arouse the public's care for left-behind children in the countryside, but also entrust ray&co.'s vision of "let every child have a colorful childhood".

ray & co. brand director chen yu and tuyuan marketing director xu xiu jointly light up the dream and future of rural children

on the day of the press conference, 13 representatives from the children's products industry and a number of media reporters gathered together to witness the upgrading of china's children's products industry.just the store furnishings, ray&co. has already demonstrated its strong design strength and professional pursuit of excellence.


ray&co. beijing blue harbor flagship store unveiled

in the product display session, ray&co.'s flagship products mcneill children's spine care schoolbag and faber-castell children's brushes were unveiled one by one. these two products are both safe and practical and have been well received by consumers since their introduction.in addition, the latest products were also brought to the press conference, mikikibaby graffiti wall stickers, jaq jaq bird portable picture book and tebaoer drawing board. these three new products continue ray&co.'s consistent product concept, which is entertaining and safe. toxic, committed to bringing high-quality childhood to children.

the press conference specially set up an interview session. the host and ms. chen yu explained the development background and corporate vision of ray&co. to the media present in the form of dialogue.she introduced that the current domestic children's products market is dominated by basic cheap stationery, with lackluster functions and designs, and some products even have potential safety hazards.the emergence of ray&co. not only fills the gap in the field of children's products for 4-12 years old in the market, but also brings more choices in the field of high-end stationery to more chinese families.

ms. chen yu, brand director of ray&co., mr. zhang liang, representative of faber-castell brand, and li shuhua, minister of investment promotion department of beijing blue harbor, jointly wish ray&co. prosperity and growth

this conference is not the end, but the starting point. from beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen to chongqing, xi'an, chengdu, and wuhan, ray&co. is approaching tens of thousands of chinese families pursuing a high-quality life. "let children have a healthy and happy childhood" is not only the original intention of ray&co., but also the original intention of countless chinese parents when facing education and life.

children’s industry representatives and the media witnessed a new chapter of ray&co. and established a new industry standard

in the future, ray&co. will continue to select good things for children from around the world to study and live, so that education and games can be perfectly integrated, and will witness the new era of chinese children's products with thousands of chinese families.

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