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in the new semester, give children a german-quality mcneill schoolbag

in the blink of an eye, it's the start of the new semester. maybe you are still having headaches when preparing your children's school equipment. then ray&co. recommends a schoolbag brand from germany to help your child's life and learning.

    made in germany" has always been known for details. of course, this mcneill school bag is no exception. multi-tested safety materials, ergonomically designed carrying systems, and child-friendly details design have become the first choice for parents when choosing school bags.

the famous german children's schoolbag brand mcneill was founded in 1963. in this year of new things, it has achieved the classic porsche 911 and also achieved the bundesliga in one of the world's important events. if compared with them, mcneill, a children's schoolbag brand, has also become a classic in the schoolbag industry. with the rapid development of the brand, mcneill did not receive the temptation of low-cost production costs in asia. it still maintains all german manufacturing, german design, german craftsmanship, german material selection, and the supervision of german product quality. this has triggered all media. attention. as of today, mcneill is the only children's school bag in the world that is entirely produced in germany. all mcneill production lines are set up in heinburg, hessen, germany and eberswalde, brandenburg.

mcneill has been professionally inspected and recognized by the german commodity inspection foundation, and he has highly evaluated mcneill's safety function and the protection of the spine of young people. in addition to these two huge advantages, the germans' most demanding quality of detail is also amazing. for some detailed functional design, it brings great convenience to children's learning and life.

so, let's take a look at how mcneill won the hearts of parents and children in details.

original super convenient magnetic lock

the magnetic lock buckle of mcneill schoolbag can be operated by one-handed children. with just one click, the magnetic lock can close and lock the schoolbag. when opening the schoolbag, it can also be opened by one-hand operation, which is very convenient.

constant temperature front compartment pocket

this feature can only be imagined by germans who are extremely pursuing details. bring breakfast to children who get up early, and mothers no longer have to worry about eating cold food. the mcneill schoolbag's constant temperature compartment pocket can keep the food at a constant temperature. in the busy study and life of children, a little bit of constant care is added.

double reflective strip for extra security.

considering the safety of children's travel, mcneill pioneered the use of double reflective strips on children's school bags. this high-quality reflective strip is used in firefighting, first aid and police uniforms. the triple reflective strip effect is very obvious. when using the schoolbag, the reflective surface can be seen from the front and sides, reminding pedestrians and vehicles in time to ensure the safety of children's travel.

           a brand new experience of selling packages

mcneill launched a full set of sales concepts to give children a comprehensive care. when you buy a mcneill school bag, it also contains a kettle, a small lunch box that is easy to carry, a set of colored pencils, a pencil bag, and a canvas bag that can hold footballs or sports clothes to meet the needs of children in school in every aspect. not only that, mcneill always thinks about one more step for the child, you can also choose the umbrella, folder, snack bag and other accessories that are matched with the school bag. in a subtle way, cultivate children's pursuit of details.

        mcneill schoolbags that give children such comprehensive functions in the new semester will definitely make children the focus. to give your child comprehensive care, just send this mcneill schoolbag.

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