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finding little artists-school season, ray&co. unveils new welfare

recently, ray&co., a senior child lifestyle communicator, launched a "smart summer vacation" parent-child activity in the children's area on the 5th floor of shuang'an department store , looking for little artists in each family to provide a pleasant summer experience for children's holiday life.

this event will start on august 15th and will continue until august 31st. during the event, it coincides with the anniversary of shuang'an department store. with the approaching of the new semester, ray&co. has specially given children gifts for the opening season. german high-quality stationery also provides opportunities for children to hold art exhibitions.

not only can they get gifts, but they can also show their infinite creativity, and the children are extremely engaged in activities.

in the "smart summer vacation" series of game activities, the most popular item is the "finding little artists" project. the babies create their own world on a small canvas. under the colorful brushes, it is the children's detailed exploration and endless beautiful expectations of this world.

at the scene, a father who finished reading the pictures of the children sighed to us: "my children are very naughty and never have the patience to sit down and do a good job. i did not expect to be so fascinated and so quiet today! in the future, more participation in such good game activities can still help children develop good habits. "

children like it, parents trust it, ray&co. is also specially looking for a professional videographer and a professional painting instructor to retain the child's brilliant imagination with professional technology and service attitude.

in this "smart summer vacation" event, ray&co. not only arranged game activities, but also thoughtfully considering the arrival of the start of the school season sent a big surprise.

as long as you go to the event site of shuang'an department store from august 15th to august 31st, you will have the opportunity to get a faber-castell automatic pencil or ray&co. egg-shaped colored crayons.

in order to encourage each baby to show their artistic talents bravely and confidently, ray&co. will also select outstanding works and hold art exhibitions for the participating children in the future.

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