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ray&co. exhibited in shanghai parent-child carnival - high-quality children's life is widely recognized in public

on june 11, 2017, the parent-child carnival event held by shanghai town &country club (tcc) successfully finished. this carnival attracted many domestic and foreign outstanding brands to participate, and attracted more than 50 groups of families in total.

ray&co. participated in this exhibition which is a collection store that locates the high-end lifestyle of children and children.

ray&co. products exhibited at this exhibition mainly include mcneill schoolbags, step by step schoolbags and faber-castell. these high-quality children's products are produced in germany. their unique design and stylish appearance have won the favor of many children.

at the scene, the most popular brand was the mcneill schoolbag. mcneill is a children's schoolbag completely designed, selected and manufactured by germany, which truly represents germany's advanced technology and professional.

it is understood that mcneill schoolbags have important function role in protecting the spine health and safety of children.

first of all, the shape of the back cushion of the mcneill schoolbag is ergonomically designed, which can provide an accurate and suitable piggyback system for each child's back. many chinese children are completely troubled by the spine.


the reflective strip design on the schoolbag is also unique, it can guarantee the child's walking safety in the dark environment such as night and cloudy. according to authoritative statistics, car accidents are the main accidents that endanger children's safety, accounting for more than 50% of all accidents, and the use of reflective bags in school bags can remind drivers to pay attention to children's safety and greatly reduce the accident rate.


of course, in addition to the safety issues that parents are interested in, many children also show great interest in the internal structure of schoolbags.

in the activity of organizing schoolbags, dozens of children have participated in completing the task. the internal space of mcneill's schoolbags has been scientifically designed, and each area has been exclusively divided. with regard to such a process of filling schoolbags in a game-like manner, each child has trouble for organize books and belongs, but is more willing to take the initiative to complete this task.

during this event, a father after watching the children sorting out their schoolbags lamented to us: "my child is very naughty and never organized toys. i didn't expect to be able to sort out schoolbags today! it seems that good products can help train good habits. "

in this parent-child carnival event, ray&co. selected three lucky child to give gifts. the gifts also brought more wonderful memories to their carnival trip. for more than 50 families at the scene, through interaction with ray&co., they also realized the product concept of advanced children's lifestyle emphasized by ray&co., allowing more children to have access to high-quality children's brands . currently in jing'an kerry, shanghai, ray&co. offline stores have been opened, and interested friends can take their children to take a look at this weekend.

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