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steiff steff x 2020 cke exhibition

in the golden autumn of october, the china international baby products fair, hosted by the china toys and baby products association, will be held from october 21st to 23rd, 2020 at the shanghai pudong new international expo center.

the family members of german national treasure brand steiff made their first appearance at china kids expo in shanghai, and limited new products and global co-branded products were also exhibited for the first time. during the exhibition, the exchange atmosphere continued to heat up, which also allowed you "bear friends" to better interpret the brand's 140 years of long history behind high-quality products. 

here's a glimpse of the steiff steiff family's adorable bears at this cke show!

steiff's exquisite and lovely exhibition

steiff 140th anniversary full series display

steiff autumn and winter limited edition world debut

steiff production craft exhibition area

steiff classic cute teddy bear

steiff's business partner

steiff soft cuddly friends

steiff baby & fashion

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