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steiff teddy bear is back with childlike and cuteness

recently, steiff, a german classic teddy bear toy brand, has officially become a member of bcdt .with nearly 20 years of development, bcdt has been committed to the guidance and dissemination of quality lifestyle.the addition of steiff not only enriches the types of brands under bcdt, but also further interprets the brand concept of bcdt for contemporary urban elites to create a new style of high-end modern light luxury life beyond creativity, multi-dimensional technology.

bcdt pays tribute to the classics and never stops

bcdt was established in beijing in early 2001. in 2006, mr. guo guangshuo, president of the company, discovered the future development of luxury goods industry in china by virtue of his keen market insight. after careful market investigation and analysis, rimowa, the top german luggage brand, was introduced into china, and successfully built it into a senior luggage brand loved by chinese people.

after that, bcdt has successively acquired falke, a century-old german knitwear and hosiery brand, established a high-end children's collection store ray&co., and many high-end brands including roberto cavalli sport and roberto cavalli junior under the famous italian luxury goods group in mainland china even the exclusive agency rights in the asian market. presented to the world with extreme brilliance, creating a fashion style belonging to chinese consumers.

steiff enters bcdt to lead the new trend of high-end dolls


founded by margaret steiff in 1880, steiff has a history of 140 years. it is one of the most valuable teddy bear brands in the world. all the animal toys produced by steiff company are lifelike and delicate. over the past century, the brand has been adhering to the concept of "only the best is suitable for our children", which requires the best quality and brand management consistent with words and deeds.


in germany, the first gift of a new life is often steiff's toy, which will accompany the child to adulthood until his lifetime. due to the exquisite craftsmanship and sophisticated production, some toys from a hundred years ago can still be preserved to this day and become valuable auction items.


"golden ear buckle" trademark: steiff steff global quality assurance.


in 1904, in order to avoid plagiarism and imitation, franz steiff, marguerite's nephew, designed gold earrings for the brand as a unique mark of the staff family. soon, the gold ear buckle with the elephant became a registered trademark and became an inseparable symbol of the brand. steiff steff - "button ear" is a world-famous unique trademark. for more than 100 years, it has been representing high quality, novel and unique creativity, as well as entrepreneurship.


the steiff teddy bear attracted the attention of many consumers since its debut at bcdt. this hand-stitched and naive doll not only condenses the meticulous "made in germany" and the rigorous spirit of pursuing the ultimate, it also fully demonstrates bcdt's history. it is highly respected for the meticulous crafting of products and the diligent pursuit of quality.


bcdt is determined to build a quality life


on the one hand, as the peak representative of art and quality of toy brands, teddy bear has enriched the existing product line of bcdt and enhanced its brand strength; on the other hand, bcdt has also made more chinese consumers know, understand and personally feel the charm of steiff teddy bear and other high-end brands of bcdt with its successful business promotion experience.


in the future, bcdt will continue to uphold the attributes of a high-end light luxury brand management platform, emphasizing more future vision, not forgetting the original intention, and returning to the standard. continue to select life and fashion good things such as steiff teddy bear, and bring top-tier european brands to china, so that the ultimate quality, social responsibility, humanistic care and top technology can be passed on to more chinese consumers through various products, and further realize bcdt's brand mission of excellence, pursuit of perfection, and leading high-quality lifestyle.

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