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eye-catching new store | germany's century-old brand falke enters tianjin hisense plaza

falke was founded in 1895 and is headquartered in schmallenberg in the sauerland region of germany. it is a european manufacturer of socks and apparel with a long history. after four generations of inheritance, it is now jointly managed by the fourth-generation members franz-peter falke and paul falke brothers. in the past 100 years, falke (falke) is famous for its fashionable clothing with fine fabrics, exquisite workmanship and exquisite details. , known as a symbol of german quality, is recognized as one of the top luxury brands in the global hosiery industry, and is also an active international high-quality and outstanding enterprise.

products recommended 

men's knitted socks 

the main airport and tiago men’s knit socks series, due to their high-quality fabrics and meticulous weaving process, bring a unique texture, providing a new choice for those who have high requirements for personal items, whether it is matching business suits or daily fashionable attitude can be reflected in the details of the casual dress.

airport is one of the most classic series of falke business men's socks. it uses soft and comfortable cotton inside and woven wool that keeps warm and cold on the outside. this unique fabric structure makes falke's airport series not only warm, but also very comfortable. after special treatment, the cumbersome care procedures for wool fabrics are also exempted

if you prefer cotton, tiago is a better choice. the mercerized cotton material combed by a special process gives the socks silky gloss and ideal fit. high color saturation can make socks become a bright spot for the whole body. whether it is business negotiation or leisure sports, the tiago series has multiple colors to choose from to meet your needs.

ladies stockings 

every woman needs a pair of natural and versatile silk stockings to show her elegance. only the extreme lightness and comfort of falke stockings are worthy of a woman's tender years. subvert all your impressions of traditional stockings, and the difference in wearing effects will be visible at a glance.

falke dot ti

falke pure matt 50 ti

ergonomic sport system

falke ergonomic sports system ess, the biggest feature of professional sports socks is the high support brought by the knitting technology and the three-layered quick-drying effect of perspiration. while improving sports performance, it also provides maximum protection to avoid sports injuries.

men's underwear

falke men's underwear meets different needs in different temperature environments. no matter where it is, falke's intimate care is available.

seems the most basic underwear 

but it is a very cold weapon that should not be underestimated 

functional underwear 

close-fitting, sweat absorption and warmth

the falke brand officially unveiled on december 30 

more product information and event details can be consulted at the store 

we are looking forward to your visit 

store address: 3f

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