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falke landing xi an on sep 26th

september 26
germany's century-old knitting brand falke (falke)
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for this "world historic city"
bringing the same german luxury and elegance that has been tempered for a hundred years

in the past 125 years
falke relies on its high quality, flawless quality,
the pursuit of perfect craftsmanship and innovative technology
continuous research and development, one hundred years
from a small hand knitting company
develop into a world-renowned high-end knitwear apparel group
win the choice and trust of consumers all over the world
at the same time, it is also sought after by many stars and fashionistas
falke was therefore
known as the "hermes of socks"

on the way to meticulously interpret the diverse aspects of fashion for you
in the days of taking every love seriously
in this special year 2020
falke's 125th anniversary is also on schedule
at the same time
also ushered in another milestone of the falke brand

logo renewed and upgraded

on the basis of retaining the original logo as the core element
the new brand logo is extended to "falke germany 1895"
inherited from 1895 to the present
falke always represents german-style professionalism
superb technology and high-quality craftsmanship
from now on
be given a new fashion logo
in 125 years, falke experienced 6 logo renewal
are on the basis of continuing quality
bring people a new understanding

with falke immediately
carrying a hundred years of memory
looking forward to infinite possibilities in the future
thank you for being there for the past 125 years
in the next 125 years, every step
please continue to move forward with falke

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