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falke, german century brand, open in chengdu international finance square

on september 8, 2019, falke, german century-old socks and clothing brand - falke, opened its largest store in southwest china in chengdu international finance square. brand fourth-generation heir to mr. franz-peter falke - and mr paul falke, bcdt ceo mr. raymond guo, chengdu international finance square general manager representative mrs. cao, synchronized swimming world champion jiang wenwen, jiang tingting sister, olympic shooting champion, ms zhang shan and hundred media friends witness this important moment.

falke chengdu ifs store have more than 100 square meters area, is second large store in china compare to beijing china world mall store but the largest store in southwest china. the whole store continued the open display design, minimalist luxury materials and natural light, simple and bright, to maintain the brand's consistent tradition image and style. the panda and bamboo looming in the window also reflect the brand's latest season design style of socks.

mr. paul falke, the fourth generation heir of falke family, and mr. raymond guo, ceo of bcdt, delivered speeches respectively, expressing their confidence and best wishes for the development of falke in china.

 paul falke先生  mr. paul falke           郭光硕先生mr. guo guangshuo

accompanied by magnificent music, the atmosphere of the audience was brought to a climax. falke fourth-generation owner, mr. franz-peter falke and mr. paul falke, bcdt ceo mr. raymond guo, world champion of synchronized swimming jiang wenwen jiang tingting sister, olympic shooting champion ms. zhang shan and the chengdu ifs general manager representative mrs. cao, took the stage together, cut the ribbon for this grand occasion, and toasted for this celebration moment.

from left to right: ms. cao yue, mr. franz-peter falke, ms. zhang shan, mr. guo guangshuo, mr. paul falke, jiang tingting and jiang wenwen

to celebrate falke store open in chengdu, brand hold many wonderful activities on the opening day, bring happy memorable experience for visitors, such as brand classic best-selling product show, exclusive embroidery services, brand also set up with a photo corner of perfect combination with product and local elements involve, invite the guests take photos, responded enthusiastically.

the models show the new season outfit of falke, showing the guests the unique fashion style of the brand's new season products. moreover, many brand friends were present, sharing their experience and experience of using falke products as loyal fans for many years. classic and modern, inheritance and change, elegant and dynamic, are all on display at this moment.

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