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rimowa exotic travel

rimowa exotic travel

prepare for an adventurous new year to come as you get jet-set for more exotic experience in the other side of the earth with the rimowa bossa nova cases by your side. originated from brazil, rimowa bossa nova collection boasts an affinity with the exotic world and blends impeccable craftsmanship, fine aesthetics and top-level functionality, ideal to make you a proud traveler with the agility and flexibility that the chinese zodiac sign of monkey is famous of. 

rimowa wishes you an adventurous and exciting year of the monkey!

rimowa gems of life

life is always full of surprises. as you continue your boundless journeys worldwide in the new year ahead, rimowa classic flight cases, an elegant and timeless retro collection handcrafted from aluminum, will no doubt become your perfect travel companion that bodes well for a wealth of remarkable treasures that life has prepared for you to discover.

rimowa wishes you an auspiscious and rewarding year of the monkey!

rimowa sweet memories

in one of the most joyful and colourful holidays of the year, what’s better than showering your beloved children with happy moments in an exciting trip? created to be compact and vibrant with enough space for the little ones to pack their favourite toys, rimowa salsa air mini multiwheel® will be part of the sweet memories for your kids, no matter you are weekending in a nearby hot spot, or voyaging to your selected getaways.

rimowa wishes you a luscious and colourful year of the monkey!

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