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rimowa suitcase with steiff design

as of autumn 2015, the traditional german companies steiff and rimowa present, for the first time, as part of a joint initiative  an  exclusive special collection of steiff rimowa  suitcases  for  both young and old globetrotters. a walking steiff teddy bear  as well as the trademark “steiff button in ear“ adorn  the characteristic  silver  aluminium  shell  of  the  suitcase  model  rimowa  classic  flight.  additionally  asmall, grey alpaca steiff  teddy  bear hangs from the handle as a loyal travel companion. this way thepiece of luggage stands out even from a distance. things get really fluffy inside: the suitcase is lined with the same grey alpaca as the teddy bear, a material, which is characteristic of steiff.

it was only a matter of time before these two german companies would join up for a collaboration. the tag  “made  in  germany“  is  printed  on  the  products  of  the  cologne  based  suitcase  manufacturer rimowa  just  as  on  those  by  the  toy  company  from  giengen  on  the  brenz.  not  only  were  both companies  founded  in  the  19th  century,  they  also  have  a  lot  in  common  concerning  their craftsmanship: the fluffy  steiff  teddy  bears are made from the finest, premium mohair  and  labelled with the renown “button in ear“. the best materials are also used for the suitcases with the structured surface. they are mainly made by hand, and undergo a number of tests to ensure  that they are of the highest possible quality.

the  suitcase  comes  in  the  practical  cabin  size  52.  1050  of  the  limited  edition  suitcases  will  be available  in  rimowa  stores  worldwide.  additional  250  will  be  obtainable  in  steiff shops  and  in  the steiff museum. the suitcase will be sold as of october 2015.

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