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rimowa working with michael wong to launch mw michael wong by rimowa series

on september 7th, 2012, beijing——a century classic german luggage brand rimowa and the famous hong kong actor michael wong who is also a helicopter pilot jointly launched the mw michael wong by rimova series products. the new series not only lasted rimowa′s pursue of good quality material, excellent technology and extraordinary workmanship, but also integrated the brand philosophy and classic as well as personality to show the unique charm. there are only 100 available in china mainland.

in recent days, rimowa together with michael wong held the limited edition product conference of mv michael wong by rimowa in the flagship store in beijing world trade center phase 3. the store took the classic german design which is globally uniform and vip area was the first of all the stores in china. here german quality and low profile luxury are featured from every detail. mr. charles yong who is the far east market ceo and mr. guo guangshuo who is the chinese market ceo together with michael wong as well as young actor liu dini with hundreds of guests witnessed the grand release of mv michael wong by rimowa.

the series took the classic rimowa classic flight as the blueprint to design three items which include a landing box, a suitcase as well as a red wine box. the shell, with graceful flat black as its main colour, was build of top aluminium magnesium alloy to make it fashionable with classic heritage. in addition, the logo of mw and access all area together with four abstract patterns which means music, movie, accessories and travel respectively represent the life attitude of successful people who are brave to accept challenges and enjoy life.

michael wong stated that rimova always stay with me in every flight. i am excited to launch the mw michael wong by rimova with rimova. it can accompany with me to explore the world, and also to share the positive life attitude from the series with all successful people.

mr. guo guangshuo, ceo of the sole agent bcdt in rimowa chinese market, stated that rimowa has been accepted by celebrities and industry elites in chinese market continually. it will spare every effort to create more personalized products for chinese clients in future to meet the diversified and personalized demand of people who are keen to challenge and talent for high-end suitcase.

the fist rimova store was opened in 2007 in china which marks the centennial german classical travel box brand officially entered into china. with the pioneering of mr.guo guangshuo and bcdt members, rimowa has made remarkable achievements in mainland china with just five years. up to now, there are 42 stores in 20 cites in mainland china. in the meanwhile, after-sale service centres with international standard were set up in beijing, shanghai and shenyang.

all rimowa products are passed the certification of germany rhine tuv test. founded in 1872, germany rhine tuv group is an international authority of independent testing, product safety and quality management system.

mw michael wong by rimowa luggage series
mw michael wong by rimowa landing box     56.0 x 41.5x 20.5 (cm)     3.7kg    35l 
mw michael wong by rimowa suitcase      74.5 x 52.0 x 26.0(cm)     5.1kg    82l  

mw michael wong by rimowa red wine box     59.0 x 25.0 x

35.0(cm)    4.3kg    30l

     rimowaa century’s classic and german made

rimowa is the leading global luggage brand and dedicated to the production of high quality aluminium and high-tech polycarbonate luggage. it is one of the very few luggage enterprises whose manufacturing process is still in germany. rimowa is proud of the german made and german workmanship which represents the highest quality products with material mix, high-end technology and special design together with superb workmanship. the classic symbol of rimova is the elegant grooved design with decades of constant refine. based in cologne, rimowa is renowned around the world. its products are only available from selected retailers, exclusive stores and flagship stores in more than 65 countries which is also continued to increase. the classic aluminium and polycarbonate luggage are also produced in czech, canada and brazil except in cologne.

   the brand of mw michael wong

the brand of mw michael wong embodies” positive attitude and honourable life”, which blended the love of movie, music, flight as well as travel into design to meet the needs of people with spirit of adventure and enjoying good life for advanced products.  mw michael wong is strict in very detail and only the highest quality products and excellent function can be approved by mw michael wong. every product in the conference is fully demonstrated mw’s attitude to quality life.

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