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rimowa attendance to the 2014 international fair of leather goods and luggages

the presentation of a brand new goods catalogue and the multivarious newest design

in 2014 march rimowa appeared on the international fair of leather goods and luggages in offenbach, germany presenting a brand new goods catalogue and many latest design. the latest 2014/2015 goods catalogue image was shot  at brazil that fully exhibit the rimowa boots attraction.  this new catalogue completely shows tourism hot places, every place has its own unique story, all of which are much impressive.  the manaus port, airport of rio de janeiro, copacabana beach...... what the images display reflects brazil's multiculturalism and the attitude of enjoying life. in addition, that  mr. dieter morszeck, the executive officer and chairman of  rimowa shared his own travel experiences and feelings has this goods catalogue had unique style. it is not only a simple product introduction, but also a provision of detailed  background information for each stop of the trip.  “ i love to travel around the world, and wish to share with you my ideas, experiences and memories, therefore, i have to sincerely recommend brazil, this country is indeed worthy of  visiting. ”, he said so.

the new rimowa advertising vedio is also productive and impressive, which very much matches brazil, such a fancy nation. this video will be soon released at rimowa global website: www.rimowa.de.  for a quick look, it follows the film to go through the amazon basin, experiencing that the luggage firstly face an adventure of piranha to enjoy a exciting journey. this video and new goods catelog are exclusively released on this exhibition.


the rimowa's  latest works

bossa nova series


because of sound original relations with brazil, rimowa created new suitcases series especially named bossa nova, the well known brazilian music style, part of these proceeds will be donated to charity. the bossa nova series boots are made of polycarbonate with the multiwheel ® roller structure. it goes matchlessly smoothly, plus the green exterior looking, it must be unforgettable. this series totally has two design sets, one version’s exterior shell has contrasting colors, that makes it fashionable plus very eye-catching; another version has the exterior shell in the same color. this series has multifarious sizes from make-up box to multiwheel ® suitcase with capacity of 104 liters, it must have one set that fits your needs.


bolero series


due to high market demand, the ever popular bolero series returns for sale upon its received success. it is utilized superior materials, while a useful storage bag is attached on the case that is convenient for arranging personal journals and documents. the bolero series is made of polycarbonate lining with plastic flower fabric. it is extremely convenient that all important files are reached in handy term withnot opening the boot. the full series color tone is matte black. its size ranges from portable computer bag to the luggage bag of size 56.


the new color arrival.

besides the above two new products, the existing rimowa luggage series also have added  new bright color tones: the classic polycarbonate case of salsa series release matte coppery and bright matte blue as subsitution of the classic silver and champagne; while the ever salsa deluxe series’ silver grey is replaced by the shiny rocky brown and oceanic blue. the light salsa air series once again show its  rich bright colors launching a unique style of light green, instead of ever gold yellow. that makes the color arrangement of full series more plenty. in addition, the limbo series not only integrates with strong aluminum frame and durable polycarbonate shell, but also with black, night blue and stylish ruby red for displaying its attractions.




the brand new size

the lufthansa  has launched new luggage standard that the total length (length width height) of allowable carrying suitcase reaches 118cm.  therefore rimowa exclusively released new size portable case for the metal line boots. the previous products with total length of 115 cm are continuously available for boarding.  in addition, the salsa deluxe hybrid series and the two new series, bossa nova and bolero also released a relatively big products with total length of 126 cm,  that are complementary with the other styles. on the other hand, following the successful arrival of salsa sport cases, the passengers who prefer aluminum luggages also heard good news because the topas sport box has arrived. it has design of large dimension for providing enough space for all kinds of sports equipments. all sport luggages are optimized many practical functions, including flexible rod without height and segment limits, allowing passengers to adjust suitable height, as well as new roller system of shock absorption.



rimowa’s another high light is its brand new “bag2go” smart suitcase plan. it will be firstly released in the german hannover information technology and telecommunication techniques exhibition. with firm cooperation among rimowa, t-systems and airbus, the bag2go luggage can independently starts a journey and arrive its destination. it does not lag the passengers' footsteps, making the perfect travel dream come true. the case has a display screen, passengers only need using radio and software module to track the luggage position. no matter the case is located in any corner of the world, it is not lost. this new type of suitcase is expected to be launched at the end of 2014.

about rimowa

rimowa is a world leading luggage brand, dedicated to production of high quality aluminium and high-tech polycarbonate boots. meanwhile, it is one of the very few luggage enterprises that have production process still in germany. rimowa also is one of the few manufacturing industries that has 115 years  history. rimowa is profoundly proud of “made in germany” and “german techniques”  representing the integration of top material, first class technology, fabulous design plus superb technology to produce the highest quality products. the classic symbol of rimowa is its elegant and outstanding grooved case design. having decades of constant improvement, rimowa selects cologne as its base enjoys its reputation around the world. its products are distributed only through selected retailers, company stores and flagship store in more than 65 countries. the number of countries that sell the products of rimowa has also been continuously increasing.

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