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in europe, every kid inside or outside campus is a fairy tale prince or princess, with a distinct personality, bright smile, and upright posture. even while carrying a heavy schoolbag, their backs never bend. they are confident while striding proudly ahead. they are optimistic and innocent while jumping for joy. 

mr. guoguangshuo, ceoof bcdt emotionally stated, “when i saw these kids, i had the idea to allow chinese children also grow freely and happily like them. diversity, inclusiveness, respect for individuality and care for humanity are our objectives in joining hands with all chinese mothers to improve chinese children’s quality of life. we look to tap into children’s nature, potential and infinite creativity from articles of everyday use, and open a difficult and long yet profound ritual cultivation.”

in 2015, ray&co top-class children’s lifestyle collection stores started to boom with the trend. embracing ingenuity, bcdt has gathered many european brands with german brands as their core to offer an comprehensive high-quality childhood to chinese children.

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